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Using the latest technology and state of the art machinery

Precision Cutting

router cnc metal




If getting parts cut quick and accurate is what you need to keep production flowing, then CJM Technologies is the cutting center for you. Two routers with a cutting envelope of up to 30 feet in length and 8 feet in width allows CJM the size and space to tackle any job. Loaded with 12 position rotary automatic tool carousels and lightning fast traverse speeds, tool changes are done in seconds. Powerful 4 zone vacuum tables ensure parts are held down reducing setup time. Fast and efficient, our routers are powered by an industry leading software to maximize part yield and accuracy. The 7000 series CNC router has allowed CJM to tap into the non-ferrous metal cutting, woodworking, sign making and plastic industries. From engraving to felt pen marking this machine does it all.

Materials we cut
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Composite metals
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • 16 hp spindle
  • 8” Z axis clearance
  • Rapid traverse 3000 IPM
  • Repeatability +/- 0.001”

Water Jet

Originally purchased to supply kit boat parts for the marine industry, CJM Technologies is currently providing CNC water jet parts to a variety of customers. While running on quick lead times and accuracy, our waterjets specialize in the production of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum precision cutting. All nests are programmed with a software dedicated to reducing material wastage and maximizing part yield. Our 6×25 foot table is one of the few in the Lower Mainland, operating at 90 PSI, this flow water jet is capable of handling sheets up to 300 “

Materials we cut
  • Aluminum
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel (304,316)
  • All plastics (HDPE, UHMW, Starboard)
  • Stone
Waterjet cutting nozzle  close-up from metalwork industry. CNC waterjet machine at work cutting a steel plate.

Waterjet cutting nozzle close-up from metalwork industry. CNC waterjet machine at work cutting a steel plate.




Plate Forming

 Our 20 foot 300 ton press break has the ability to bend aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel.  A variety of tooling and goose neck dies has allowed CJM to diversify its forming capabilities.

Our Tooling
  • 1/8 punch radius
  • 3/16” punch radius       
  • 1/4″ punch radius
  • 3/8 punch radius
  • 1/2” punch radius
  • ¾” punch radius
  • 1” punch radius
  • 1 ½ “punch radius



Being a small scale designer / builder where every project is custom made to order and usually involves tight timelines and tight budgets, CJM has always come through for me and cut excellent steel and aluminum parts on their water-jet and CNC router machine. They have also helped me fabricate and break bend numerous, complex pieces of machinery and custom made furniture that most shops would turn their nose up at. They value my business just as much as their customers that are far bigger than my 'one man show'. They turn parts around for me at the drop of a hat and the quality of work and customer service is outstanding and very much valued. We've done numerous projects together, both large and small, and have formed a great relationship. Regardless of the size or difficulty of the project they provide me with great pricing, timely and accurate parts, with quick turnaround times.